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“Tohunga Tūmau has always been about celebrating our indigenous food culture and proving how great it can be. This new initiative is about building confidence amongst our up and coming chefs, encouraging them to learn and take Kai Māori with them, where ever their careers take them.”

- Rewi Spraggon


This year the chef collective is launching “Rangatahi Tūmau” – a programme where aspiring young chefs get to join the Tohunga Tūmau kitchen for the week and learn the art of Kai Māori from some of our most experienced and talented chefs.  

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We have limited spaces for aspiring young chefs to join the kitchen team. If you're local to Taupō and would like to apply then please reach out with your Resume.

We are also looking for champions, and sponsors to help us strengthen this program this year and further into the future. Kōrero with us today!

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